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Indiegogo Update


Guess what guys?! I hit my goal 31 days early before the campaign ends! Amazing! Thank you so much for those who have been spreading the word and funding! So far yarn has been purchased, a LOT of it too! Next on my list is new business cards, logo and shipping/packaging supplies! I'm already in contact with Mel Stringer for my logo design. Everything is coming together great and I have decided to add back my hand dyed yarns and sewn goods to the shop as well as plush and patterns!

Ahhh Plush Monsters Indiegogo Campaign

Today I launched my first ever Indiegogo campaign! What am I trying to fund, you ask? Supplies! I'm trying to get my plush making factory back up and going again. Making plush has been a huge love of mine for the past 3 years. I took a little break to focus on family and raising our 4 year old daughter. I am anxious to get back into making those gnarly monsters and need your help to purchase supplies to make new ones and expand my styles and sizes. A couple months ago I whipped up a new monster prototype with posable limbs and I would love to start making more in that style but being away for a while my supply pile slowly shrunk. I would love everyones support in helping me meet my goal of $800 so I can get back to working on new plush!

As well as the Indiegogo campaign, I am finally working on my crochet book proposal to start sending out! This has been a dream to have my amigurumi patterns published in a book for a few years now. This Indiegogo campaign would not only help with supplies for my plush shop, but also supplies to make the book samples needed for the patterns in the pages and for the publisher to see. Any funds over my goal would go towards promoting my plush through advertising and possibly a new tablet to use at my craft show booths and while I'm away from home.

Come check it out by clicking here!
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